Jonzac, the main thermal spa resort in the midi Atlantique, has a mild and sunny climate and exceptional setting, is in the centre of a very touristic area. It is a stone's throw from the Côte de Beauté, and Jonzac now benefits from its proximity to two airports (Bordeaux and La Rochelle) which make it easily accessible. Right next to Bordeaux (60 km) and Cognac (40 km) it has a dynamic population who live in a marvellous area and who will be happy to welcome you.

Stone, light, water and greenery are the secrets of the way of life here. Just wandering through the streets with their lovely façades and a stroll along the river will give you some idea of the richness of Jonzac 's past. Apart from the many old historical quarters (Quartier des Carmes, Quartier du château, Quartier des Halles) Jonzac now offers many attractive features such as the water park " Les Antilles de Jonzac " and more recently the casino.

Les " Antilles " :
This complex offers many activities under its immense canvas roof, a part of which is uncovered in the summer. There is a tropical lagoon with a wave machine, a 60m slide, waterfalls and geysers, a jacuzzi under a waterfall, a 25 m pool, an outdoor pool, a beach volleyball court, beaches inside and outside and 700m2 EDENEA withwater at 32°C, a tropical garden, individual and communal jacuzzis, a sauna park with saunas and hammam, warm marble slabs, cardio-musculation, aqua gym, jet streams, dance lessons, restaurant, shops, tropical greenhouse and seminar room.

Les Thermes spa waters:
This is 20th century spa resort, created in 1986. The spa is housed in the rock itself, and is unique in Europe. Jonzac benefits from the most efficient thermal technology of the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil. This modern spa, situated in the historical quarter, has a surprising setting cut into the cliff. The quality of the welcome is exceptional. The résidences are equipped with large studio appartments, which are very comfortable. There is a shuttle to the spa.

The water is very special: it emerges at 62°C, containing sulphur, sulphates; oligo elements etc...It has therapeutic properties, particularly effective for rhumatology., osteo medicine/ traumas, and for the lungs. The spa is enriched by the appartments attached to it: the Maison des Vignes has 40 units. The view of the Seugne valley is enchanting, and something you'll enjoy as you take the waters.

Le Casino :
Jonzac is situated in the heart of the Haute Saintonge, next to Bordeaux and Cognac, and is distinguished by its historical heritage. This is the only " troglodytique " or cave-cut spa resort, and it has managed to develop a healthy tourist industry around its aqua park " Les Antilles " and its casino. The casino participates in local life and will welcome you.

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